Nicholas Kalashnikoff

Russian author. Best known in the UK for the book Jumper, the story of a Siberian horse who was enlisted to serve in the First World War. This is a very interesting story, and has been well served by excellent illustrators including Lionel Edwards and Victor Ambrus.

The author also wrote a number of other books, most of which were translated into the English, including
Defender which won the Newbery Honor prize in 1952. Some of these books are, like Jumper, animal stories.

In addition the author wrote an article entitled
Efim and the Tartar Horses in Harpers Magazine in March 1939, although this can be read on the internet only by those who subscribe to the magazine.

Horse & Pony Books:

(1st English Language edittion SCRIBNERS [USA] 1944)
(1st UK edition LUNN 1948)
First pulished in the UK by Lunn in 1948 with illustrations by Lionel Edwards.
Reprinted in the UK by Oxford University Press in 1963 with illustrations by Victor Ambrus, including cover art.
Reprinted in paperback by Oxford University Press, again with illustration and cover by Victor Ambrus, although cover art is different.
EDITIONS PICTURED: 1st English language edition, Oxford University Press hardback, Oxford University Press paperback.
SUMMARY: The life story of a Siberian horse from his early life on a farm to his time as a Russian cavalry horse

Collector's Info:
I do not have any information about the first Russian edition. The first edition in English language was published in the USA. More editions were published in the UK. The various editions were illustrated by 3 different artists,  which you choose depends mainly on which illustrator you prefer. Reasonably easy to find in both the USA and  the UK. Some copies can also be found in Australia although they are usually more expensive.